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Fun projects to do with children

The secret to having content children is to keep them occupied! When children are engrossed in an activity, they are far less likely to argue, get up to mischief or resort to looking at screens.
However, it is not always easy to keep coming up with new ideas for activities. Craft is always a good starting point. It does not have to be expensive and craft activities can be adapted to many ability levels.

Why do crafts with children?

According to the BBC, creativity is good for children’s brain development. It helps them to make new connections in the brain, called synapses. It also helps children to express themselves and unlocks problem-solving skills.

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Crochet a blanket or paint a stone

Crocheting is a skill that can be applied to simple or complicated projects. As beginners, children can get started with crochet kits such as the ones presented here: woolcouturecompany.com/collections/crochet-kits. They will love creating something themselves that they can keep or give as a gift.

If crafting with wool is not their thing, then why not try painting stones? You can have a fun trip to the beach or river to collect them and talk about the shapes as you select your favourites. Then, take them home and decorate them with brightly-coloured paint. You can use the stones to decorate your garden or balcony. They also make fantastic paperweights and doorstops.

Make a bookcase or treehouse

If your children are a little older, they can help with more ambitious DIY projects. Younger children will need close supervision for safety reasons. Get your kids involved in the planning stage of the project – it will help with their maths skills! Using tools will also improve their hand-eye coordination.

Marble art

This is always a popular activity and easy to set up. Simply place a marble dipped in paint onto some paper and roll it around. A tray with sides makes this a lot easier to achieve. You could even add in another marble and some more colours to make a wonderful, swirly pattern.

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