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I’m pondering Estate agents today.

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So it was Christmas, and what had I done. Another year older, although my birthday is actually in June and the new year beckoning. The nearest and dearest all around me and I’d got the old knives out ready to carve. It was then that I took in the scene in front of me. It was not one of peace on earth I can tell you. I had my own mother sat on one of the those camping chairs and the two kids spinning round like fools on the breakfast barstools. The wife was consoling her parents by adding yet another pillow to her Dads bad back. No one could back up their chairs they were sat at otherwise they’d be through the wall and no one was looking forward to gathering into the pokey living room to watch her Majesty tell us about all the exciting Commonwealth countries she’d been to that year. There was a very good chance the tree would topple onto someone again and we’d never get them out. I realised that I needed to sell the house and move to somewhere a bit bigger for the sake of all of us. Luckily, I know that Alex Clark Glos now part of TGRES can help. As an Estate Agents Gloucester area, they can help me find a better property and be all settled in before next Christmas arrives.

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It’s made me a bit nervous though. I mean what does an estate agent actually do? I thought I’d do a bit of delving into it especially as we need to sell up pretty soon or the family will be playing sardines again.  First of all you don’t need to have just one, you can have a few. It means that the old fees might be a bit higher but it becomes a bit of a competition for them. The best thing is they come round to the house and go through the whole process with you. One of the best things for me was that they can deal with the solicitors and all that legal jargon stuff. My Latin is not was it was, mainly because it was never there in the first place! The agent will also try and get the best deal for you from the buyers liaising with you and them to see where the middle ground is. It’s like they sort of go into bat for you.

The most useful thing that I and the wife found was that they will come round to your house and asses it for you as to what you should charge. I’m not sure I could have done that. I’d have stuck my finger in the air on that one. It’s great that they also show you the best bits of the house and what you need to do to sell it when the buyers come. You know the sort of thing, baking bread and have some fresh coffee being made.

No more squashed relatives for us!

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