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How to plan a property renovation

Planning a property renovation can be an overwhelming endeavour for homeowners. To minimise the impact on you and your family it’s crucial to approach the project with planning. This involves having a defined budget, establishing a timeline and selecting contractors….



Types of candles

Candles are one of the most common home antiques and there are various types of candles available in the stores. Every type of candle has its characteristics based on its element, wax, wick, etc. Also, it comes in different colors, shapes,…


How to Choose a Professional Decorator

A professional decorator can save you time and money. They can help you choose paint and fabric, arrange for delivery of custom moulding and ensure that the contractor or architect follows your designs. But hiring a pro does not guarantee…


Why we love the past and how it looks

Why do we watch history programs? Why do we spend so much protecting and preserving historic buildings and landscapes? In short, why do we both have history at all? It’s in the past and gone. Why dwell on it? Yet…