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10 tricks to make your sofa look like new again
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10 tricks to make your sofa look like new again

Time does not pass in vain, even for our furniture. However, with these simple tips, you can recover your living room and make it look new.

Of the furniture that suffers the most from wear and tears over time, it is perhaps the sofa. The living room is one of the spaces in the house that we use the most and it is necessary to always keep it in order and in good condition.

Before thinking about renovating your sofa, have you thought about recovering it? There are simple ways to renew the firmness of the backs and cushions and even change the style completely.

Here are 10 tricks to make your sofa look new again.

Clean the sofa

Cleaning your sofa is the first step to making it look new. You just have to take care how to clean it, depending on the material:

  • If your sofa is made of fabric, you can vacuum it and pay special attention to the corners and recesses. Don’t forget to turn it over and vacuum underneath.
  • If the sofa has a washable cover, you can do it in the washing machine and vacuum the base of the chair.
  • If your sofa is leather, you can use a neutral detergent diluted in water and clean the sofa with a damp cloth. Dry the sofa with a soft white cloth and remember not to use conditioner or any chemical product.

Fill the cushions and backrests

Many times, the problem is that the cushions and backs lose their original volume. This is resolved by filling them with materials such as feathers, polyurethane foam, or synthetic latex fillings, or soft fibers.

Remove wine, coffee, and grease stains

It is not enough to vacuum your sofa if it has stains from wine, coffee, grease, etc. If your armchair is made of fabric you can try:

– Impregnate a cloth with white wine, tap gently on the stain, and wash with water and neutral soap to remove wine stains.

– For coffee stains, create foam with liquid detergent (colorless) and place the bubbles on the stain for a few minutes. Remove the stain with a cloth soaked in 10% ammonia diluted in water and dry immediately with hot air.

If instead, your armchair is leather:

– For wine or coffee stains, gently rub from the outside to the inside of the stain using a cloth soaked in water. Dry immediately with a clean dry cloth (remember not to soak the leather and do not dry in direct light).

– For grease stains, you can use a cloth soaked with a little neutral soap. Rub from the inside to the center of the stain and blot dry with a clean cloth.

Reupholstering your sofa is a good idea to transform your living room.

If the sofa is in good condition, but you want to give it another look, we can change the covers for new ones. There are covers of all kinds, colors and for all sofas, as well as being mostly washable.

Reupholster the sofa

If you are not convinced by the covers, another option is to ask for help from a professional to change the upholstery of the sofa. The only disadvantage is that this option can be more expensive, however, it is worth it if you love said furniture and want to renew it.

Change the cushionsChange the cushions make your sofa look like new again

Whether your cushions are badly worn or you just want to try another color or style, refurbishing your cushions is a great way to give them a fresh new look.

Place boards

If the problem is that your chair sinks when you sit on it, you can try placing a board under it. First, lift the seat cushions and under them insert a board cut to size, with a certain thickness that can withstand the weight of a person without breaking. That will prevent it from sagging as much, however, this is a temporary solution as it surely needs padding to regain its volume as well.

Decorate with cushions and blankets

Another way to renew your sofa is to decorate it with blankets and cushions. In the case of blankets, the color, design, and pattern you want and place it folded in the center or in the corners of the sofa.

For the cushions, it is recommended to place a number less than the seats, that is, if your sofa has 3 seats, you can place 2 cushions. As for the design, you can experiment with different fabrics and patterns that contrast with the sofa.

Replace the legs

One of the worst sensations of a sofa is that it seems that it is going to be disassembled. Therefore, maintenance of the broken legs will make them recover their stability and robustness. You can even try materials like wood or metal to give your sofa a completely different touch.

Preserve the structure and renew

If the structure of your sofa is in very bad condition, but you do not want to get rid of it, you can ask an upholsterer to preserve the structure and reupholster the sofa from scratch. In this way, perhaps you can extend its life.

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