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How to Stop Drains From Smelling Bad

The smelly sink or toilet drain in your kitchen or bathroom room might be a sign of a sewer problem. A greasy buildup in the drain line may be the culprit. Pour hot water into a funnel and then carefully pour bleach down the drain. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Then, run cold water down the drain to rinse away the bleach.

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Another natural solution to your stinky drain is vinegar. Vinegar has great deodorizing properties. It will break down grease and biofilm, and it can penetrate small clogs. It can also kill germs and bacteria that cause the bad smell. Pour half a cup of vinegar into your drain and let it run for 60 seconds. If the vinegar doesn’t work, try using boiling water again to clear the drain. For issues that can’t be solved with these simple DIY measures, consider Drain Lining Maidenhead company www.drainpower.co.uk/drainage-services/drain-lining/drain-lining-slough/

Baking soda is another option to get rid of smelly drains. Using baking soda, you can sprinkle some into the drain. If the smelly drains linger long after the baking soda is removed, use hot vinegar instead. This solution will soften the buildup in the drainpipe and prevent the buildup of bad smells. While the boiling solution is an effective remedy, it may not work for every smelly drain.

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Once you have determined the cause of the smelly drain, you can work to remove it as quickly as possible. Luckily, most methods don’t require any special equipment or chemicals. In fact, many people find that a combination of several different methods will work best. If none of the above methods work for you, contact a plumber.

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