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Household tips for cleaning windows and mirrors

Cleaning windows and mirrors in the house have long been seen as somewhat annoying because sometimes you spend a long time trying to make these surfaces completely neat, but then you realize that the work has not been as effective.

On the other hand, when if you do not take the time to clean the glass may be seen scratches and stains. The idea of this new article is that you follow some household tips for cleaning windows and mirrors and leave them sparkling.

How to clean glasses

How to clean glasses

Vinegar diluted with water (1 part vinegar to 5 of water) and uses a lint-free cloth or better yet, a crumpled newspaper to clean the dirt. Surely the mixture will seem strange but it is a home for cleaning glass and windows method, and also works with mirrors.

In addition, vinegar is ideal for cleaning ingredient and you can have it handy at home or find in any store. And if you have a container with spray, the work will be much more even and can kill faster than expected.

Remember, in addition, to helping clean, crumpled newspaper helps to polish the windowpanes.

Remove stains

Use a spray bottle filled with water and adds one-touch liquid soap so you can remove stains more effectively and quickly. Rub with a sponge until you have removed all the dirt from the mirrors, windows or windows.

Then, rinse the sponge and bring it to happen until there is no trace of detergent. Finally, use a dry lint-free cloth (or a crumpled newspaper) to dry and to polish the surface.

Clean windows

If you rely a little more on the effects of chemicals rather than home strategies, we propose to combine both. The idea is that you can mix in a bowl with sprayer 1 part cleaner to 3 parts vinegar.

With this solution, which is a combination of the secrets of the grandmother with the modern tools used, start cleaning by spraying the liquid on the surface and rubbing with a cloth or crumpled newspaper.

Note that it is best to use white vinegar apple cider vinegar; the former is much more effective for cleaning windows and mirrors. And if you want to add extra shine, add lemon juice to the above combination.

If it comes to keeping a clean house, try to do with these household tips solutions using the eco-friendly cleaning. What do you think about the idea? Finally, we recommended window cleaning company Sydney for more details.

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