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How to Make Solar Energy More Affordable

Power that is generated from solar radiation remains one of the most accessible forms of renewable energy. Unfortunately, the initial set up costs remain prohibitive for low-income households and tenants, for example. Urban policies and programmes that increase access to solar can reduce people’s energy burdens and help them transition to clean, affordable electricity.

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Getting an estimate from a solar panel company near you is the simplest way to find out how much the cost of installing and running your own solar power system is. They’ll do a survey of your home, and will be able to tell you how many panels you need, how much they’ll cost and how quickly they will pay for themselves. Be sure to shop around for prices as they vary greatly, and don’t be tempted to cut costs by going with the lowest priced system. It’s often cheaper in the long run to invest in a higher quality system that will last longer and be more efficient. Find out more about Solar Panel Installers Burnham by visiting https://redbridgeandsons.co.uk/solar-pv-panels/solar-panel-installers-burnham

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Research continues to make solar cells more efficient, lowering the cost of producing renewable electricity. One promising development is a tandem cell that uses two solar cells to produce power, reducing the number of panels required and increasing efficiency. Experiments are also being carried out in materials that are thick in one dimension, for maximum absorption, and thin in another, to let electric charges pass through them. Ultimately, these technologies could mimic how plants use sunlight to make food.