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Decorating on a budget can be a fun challenge

Most of us don’t have a lot of money hanging around to do with as we please. Instead, many of us must work within the confines of a budget instead of an unlimited supply of money. Luckily, a frugal budget is not enough to prevent a person from creating an enviable yard with great curb appeal to boot. It just takes a little imagination and the desire to do as much as possible with what’s available to you.

Start with a Clean Slate
As with most things, you can get a better idea of your yard’s potential by cleaning up and creating a blank palette, to begin with. This means that you need to cut the yard, throw away excess junk, and repair that broken mailbox or those shutters that you haven’t gotten around to. The idea is to fix what’s broken and do nothing more than clean up. Cleaning up allows you to see the potential of the yard by clearing away all the excess distractions. Cleaning up is easy. It’s not sub zero repair ft lauderdale.

Spot Paint for Effect
Most of us can’t afford to paint an entire house. We all know how costly that could be. However, it doesn’t cost much to paint the front door, the trim, and/or the shutters. Look at your house. Is it lackluster and dated looking? Could it use some freshening in terms of its color? If you answered yes to any of these questions your home may benefit from a spot paint job. Spot paint jobs have a maximum effect on a minimal budget with minimal work. If your front door is currently a washed out gray, consider updating the color to a charcoal or a gray blue, something to give it more pop. A freshly painted front door and shutters are equal in effect to painting the whole house. If you don’t have shutter paint the front door and the trim and watch your house go from bland to wow.

Add Interests
When it comes to accessorizing your yard it’s easy to get really creative. This is an area where you can have a lot of fun. Add pavers to create a path to your front door or back patio. Get new lawn furniture if it’s in the budget. You could also beef up your landscaping with a low maintenance rock garden or a flower patch. Regardless of what you decide to do, by the time you finish with this makeover your house will have the appearance of a brand new home with heightened curb appeal.

Decorating on a budget can be a fun challenge. It pulls from your creative juices. Do your yard a favor and put it back on the map. Clean up and fix what’s broken, spot paint for effect, and add creative accents to create interest. You may want to try new lawn furniture or interesting stone pavers. Even a strategic flower patch in just the right place can work wonders. Go for it. Your yard will thank you later.

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