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An introduction to ISEGA

ISEGA is an institute that tests paper and pulp to make sure it is of a high quality and safe for use. The institute also tests for high polymers and packing materials. The aim of ISEGA is to make sure consumer goods are safe and tested before public use and are compliant with laws. The reason for this is that the packing materials and papers come into contact with food intended for consumption, so they need to be tested for safety.

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A respected testing and compliance organisation

The organisation works with other experts to design tests that are appropriate for the materials, such as the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR). This helps to inform the organisation about essential laws and to devise the right tests for the products.

Scientific data has been gathered by ISEGA to provide compliance definitions and limits for the testing. The company works with relevant European committees to evaluate test standards. This is what makes ISEGA such an important testing institute, with its results accepted by authorities as the baseline for the approval of products and compliance to the law.

The safety of food packaging

Standardisation organisations need to work in collaboration to make sure there is a formal way to evaluate and ensure the safety of food packaging.

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ISEGA tests for many things, including the safety of food packaging materials, the safety of food additives, the impermeability of layers, the release of harmful substances, and sensory impact and hygiene. It can also test for purity and residue, migration behaviour, biodegradability, germ proof-ness, microbial impact, aroma proof-ness, and the impact of packaging on the colour and taste of food. Hand in hand with the Food Standards Agency, institutions such as ISEGA ensure the safety of consumers.

Approving new products

The organisation is involved in the approval and registration of new products, which involves various stages of tests. This can include application testing and compliance certificates. ISEGA also tests adhesives, optical brighteners and lacquers for safety and compliance; for example, if a metal bonding adhesive from a specialist such as http://www.ct1ltd.com/product-applications/metal-to-metal-adhesive/ comes into contact with food, it must be tested.

Whether the item is paper, adhesive, a toy, household appliance, tableware or a medical item, ISEGA is an essential part of testing to ensure all materials that come into contact with food are safe.

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