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How to light a garden

How to light a garden?

Blessed are those who can afford it. We are obviously talking about the home garden, a space that is always able to fully and exclusively enhance any type of home, be it small or large. Properly planning the lighting of the garden, then, is essential to make the appearance more welcoming and to enrich the moments of conviviality, through the construction of elegant and refined scenarios. In this guide, therefore, we want to show you how to light a garden. Let’s see some interesting solutions that can be adopted immediately.

How to light a garden?

How to light a garden

The most appropriate choice can fall on the so-called functional lighting. What is it about exactly? We can say that functional lighting is the type of lighting necessary to make an outdoor space safe, welcoming and liveable, especially during the evening hours. The indication, in this case, is to adopt lighting in which light installations are preferred that are able to exploit LED technology, thus offering the most appropriate solution to enhance outdoor spaces. All this even with rather limited energy consumption. Headlights, spotlights, LED lamps, will therefore be the elements to be used for this effective style of garden lighting.

Apply soft light lamps

When choosing garden lighting systems, it is always preferable to prefer lamps with soft and diffused light, and in any case never direct, i.e. too dazzling. In these cases, the supports to choose from to illuminate the outdoor spaces are really different and varied: you can go from picket spotlights to street lamps, from luminous pots to solar devices, up to path markers. All extremely effective to guarantee the garden an important but at the same time discreet lighting, therefore able to fully enhance the beauties and peculiarities of the garden, starting with its most beautiful details, such as accessories or tables, shelves, vases. and the green area.

Use home automation

One of the latest innovations, in terms of garden lighting, is represented by the management of lighting systems by home automation. A science linked to lighting capable of guaranteeing modern and very effective solutions for every type of home. Therefore, being able to control the lights comfortably seated on your sofa, or even remotely, allows you to create very elegant scenarios, with automatic switching on/off of the lights. An excellent way to illuminate the garden is also to use solar lighting systems, which at the same time also allow a considerable saving of electricity. All to the advantage of a lighter and less salty bill.

How to light a garden

Choose between warm or cold lighting

Another fundamental precaution must be used for the choice of the tone and gradation of the light. In general, in this regard, it can be said that for gardens characterized by a modern design, “cold” lighting must always be preferred, able to enhance the style of the space to the maximum. Conversely, if your home has a traditional garden, warm lighting must be preferred, so that the warmth and intimacy of this outdoor space is adequately accentuated.

The gazebo area and the barbecue area always need different and autonomous lighting compared to the general one in the garden