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Spice up your party

If you want to make sure that your party goes off with a bang and doesn’t just fizzle out into a rather dull social gathering then you should do some planning and try to include unique elements that will really get things going. Here’s how to do it:

To create a buzz even before the party has started, set a theme. Whether it be a costume theme or something that the guests have to bring, the only limit is yours and their imaginations. People will be discussing it and getting excited about the possibilities. Try to pick a theme that everyone knows and will be able to achieve, nothing too obscure. When planning a Bar Mitzvah, don’t forget your Bar Mitzvah Cards from cazenovejudaica

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Games are a must for a great party. Try new twists on old, conventional games and add different components to the game to make it fresh and interesting. Make it challenging and rewarding and most of all inclusive. For a real buzz, hire some party games for fun activities ranging from rodeo bulls to tornado sweeping arm games to giant buzzer games. Guests will be queueing up to have a go at these fun challenges.

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Getting the music right is another factor in how successful a party is. It is too easy to get this wrong with the host only playing tunes he or she wants to hear. Have a look at your guests and change the music accordingly, offering a mix for every generation in attendance. If in doubt, hire a DJ and they can make this call on your behalf. A party isn’t a party without dancing and to make sure people shake a leg, the right music has to be played.

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