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What jobs can an electrician help you with in the home?  

The question might be better phrased as what can you do without an electrician’s help. The answer is “very few”. Dealing with any appliance and electricity is a dangerous business at the best of times. So, if in doubt, call someone like the Electrician Cheltenham based company https://www.blu-fish.co.uk/electrical-services-cheltenham/. The last thing that you want is to cause major damage to yourself or your home’s electrical supply. Here are a few things that you can attempt yourself. But remember in all cases turn off the mains supply before you do anything.

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  1. Wire a plug. Did you know that before the introduction of legislation it wasn’t law that electrical appliances came with a plug attached? In the 1970s, Christmas mornings were ruined as eager children ripped open their Scalextric or Hornby railway set only to find that Dad or Mum needed to add a plug on to get it to work. You may have seen the sign saying batteries sold separately, in this case, so were the plugs. Wiring a plug isn’t too hard a task and there are a few online guides, plus most instructions include how a plug is wired. Basically, make sure there is a fuse, ensure that the brown live wire goes to the right, the earth wire to the top and the neutral wire to the left. You will need something to remove the insulating cover of the wire and a flathead and Phillips screwdriver.

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  1. Changing a light bulb. It’s easy to get a bit laissez faire about changing a light bulb but you’d be surprised at the trouble it can cause. Firstly, make sure that you don’t remove the bulb the second it’s gone off. As it emits light it will be very hot. Secondly, you will need to have the right bulb for the right lamp. Check the wattage that the lamp can withstand. It may be that a 100 watt bulb will melt the shade. Also bulbs fall into 2 categories, screw and baton. Screw speaks for itself, the bulb literally screws into the fitting. The baton is pushed in and twisted so that the two small metal points catch in the corresponding slots to hold it in place.

Anything else may need the help of a specialist. Electricity is a dangerous thing and should be taken very seriously

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