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The Importance of Sepsis Awareness

While you might not be aware of the warning signs and symptoms of sepsis, you can be the first to seek help when you suspect someone is suffering from this serious illness. While the symptoms are different for every person, sepsis requires immediate treatment but is often confused with other conditions. To raise awareness of sepsis, you can use the following tips to spot the signs and symptoms.

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Sepsis is the top cause of preventable death globally and every hour in the UK, 5 people die. It can present with a high or low temperature, confusion, shivering, no passing of urine and blotches on cold arms and legs. For help with Clinical Training Courses, go to Tidal Training

Although awareness and knowledge levels of sepsis are low globally, there is good news. Studies have demonstrated that awareness levels of sepsis are increasing worldwide, but patient and healthcare professional knowledge of sepsis is still low. Public awareness varies from time to time and across countries, despite the substantial mortality rate of sepsis. As such, future studies should include global surveys of patients and public knowledge of sepsis to ensure that the right information is available.

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Proper hygiene and seeking medical attention whenever you suspect an infection can reduce your risk. These steps, combined with increased awareness, can dramatically reduce the risk of sepsis. And as with any other infection, awareness is vital to the proper treatment of sepsis. So, make sure that you understand the signs and symptoms of sepsis so that you can seek medical care before they progress to more serious stages.

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