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The changing face of the British residential home

Is there anything more volatile in history than the provision of housing for the UK public? Of all the factors that are used to measure the quality of life and the ability to enjoy it, the family home must be one of the most powerful indicators that there is. This is made even more acute when you consider the dramatic and evocative ways in which the home has changed in just one hundred and twenty three years. In other words the house and homes that we lived in at the start of the twentieth century bear virtually no resemblance to those that we inhabit now as we reach a quarter of the way through the twenty first. It’s a change that the Residential Architects Battersea based consultants https://www.rbddesign.com/architectural-design/residential-architecture-london/architects-battersea/ are fully aware of and can adapt to.

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Let’s examine the main changes that have occurred. The biggest change is how we heat and power our homes. In 1900 the only really universal fuel source used was coal. Indoor plumbing and the like were only for the rich and powerful. Gas light was available but certainly not as trustworthy or as stable as it is today. Nuclear and solar power were the stuff of HG Wells and Jules Verne novels. Wave power meant a windmill and they too were being replaced with coal.

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Space was also at a premium. The modern home, even a small flat would be considered a mansion by many of our ancestors. Double glazed windows and the ability to decorate in colors other than white wash would also seem the stuff of dreams.

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