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The Building Inspection Checklist – Three Things You Really Must Have Checked

Building inspections are essential for anybody buying, selling or renovating a home. A building inspection will check much of the inside and outside of the property for defects, and will provide those interested in the information with a report that will help them plan their next move.


Building Inspection ChecklistThere are many snippets of useful information in these reports, yet some pieces are far more important than others. This article lists the top 3 things to look for when having a home inspection carried out.

The Electrical Work

Unless you personally hire an electrician, there is no way of knowing who previously carried out the work. It’s impossible to know whether they were licensed, and whether they were even competent. Instead of running the risk of living among unsafe electrical fittings, it’s wise to have a house inspection carried out to diagnose the state of the house’s system for certain.

Sure, everything is probably in tip-top condition, but it’s wise to be safe, especially given the consequences of not doing so.

The Plumbing

Hiring a plumber can cost an absolute fortune, especially if something goes wrong all of a sudden. Emergency plumbers can charge colossal rates, so this isn’t something you want to get involved in, unless it’s unpreventable. On top of that, parts and replacements can also cost large amounts of money, making a plumbing issue a very expensive one indeed.

A home inspection cost is nothing compared to a large-scale plumbing job. During your inspection, all of your property’s plumbing will be checked, verifying its health. If you’re told there is a problem somewhere, the issue can be tackled immediately, or better yet, you could just walk away from buying the house in question.

Overall Safety

Everybody wants to live in a safe home, yet very few actually know if they do. Given many hospital admissions are because of household accidents, it’s safe to say that taking a little time to check the soundness of the home is a good idea.

Everything from yard roots, emergency vehicle access, fire safety and railings will be evaluated by your building inspector, meaning you’ll be left with enough info to prevent many accidents occurring throughout the home.


While a house inspection will check for many things, the three above are probably the most noteworthy. A house should be a safe place for a family, so should come with a reassurance that everything in and around it is secure.

Of course, there are often legal problems involved with not creating a safe home, too. National legislation means that unsafe homes can be the cause of a fine. If tenants or somebody visiting the home were to become injured, the legal implications would become far worse. It just makes more sense to get on top of any issues, rather than leave them unchecked.