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How to maintain and protect wooden doors

Wooden doors provide a great deal of kerb appeal for country cottage homes and contemporary spaces alike. To maintain the quality and timeless appeal of a wooden entrance to your home, be sure to take the time to regularly maintain and protect wooden doors. This will see them providing a warm and aesthetically pleasing welcome for years to come.

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Front doors are a great representation of our personalities and styles, whether that be relaxed and welcoming or formal and contemporary. They represent the first impression others have of us and the last impression they take with them when leaving. Ensuring that they always look their best is a priority in maintaining a well-presented entrance.

Maintenance and Protection

Paint or varnish your door for an added layer of protection. For a professional and even finish, be sure to clean and sand the door thoroughly before beginning.

Choose a paint or varnish that is suitable for outdoor use and apply in thin, equal, layers. Varnish is only suitable for untreated wooden doors, whereas paint should be applied on top of a suitable primer.

Wooden doors can last up to 30 years with the correct protection. Wipe them down when dirt or watermarks appear, ensure that jamming or sticking is professionally dealt with as soon as possible, and consider a porch or patio for added protection – especially if you live in a dry area or one close to salt water.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are the latest in home trends, offering the perfect solution to streamlining spaces and connecting indoor and outdoor living.

Timber bifold doors Hereford have an impressive 60-year life expectancy and are completely compliant with regulations in conservation areas. Timber bifold doors in Hereford are FSC certified, offer medium to high durability and can be obtained from specialist stockists and installers.

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A well-maintained exterior can add value to your property. It is well worth investing in a long-lasting, quality timber door that will pay for itself in terms of added property value and timeless kerb appeal.