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Checking Your Wood Windows For Repairs And Maintenance

Wood windows are most commonly found in period properties. Wood was the material of choice for many centuries, until the modern rash of PVC windows appeared. Wood was in plentiful supply, was easy to work with, and with high quality timber, the frames that were used to create doors and windows could last 50 to 100 years. However, despite their benefits, wood frames will still reach a point where they need to be replaced.

Checking your wood frames enables you to determine whether you simply need to apply some more ongoing maintenance, have some light repairs made, or whether it really is time to replace the whole lot. Fortunately, while PVC has become the most commonly used material in window manufacture, it is still possible to have wood doors and windows fitted to your home so that you can continue to enjoy the period look while simultaneously enjoying great looking, period character property fixtures. Before replacing your windows, though, do ensure that existing ones aren’t just in need of a coat of paint or inexpensive and light repairs.

Some discolouration is to be expected from your windows and doors. Even if you paint them every year, the combination of sun and rain, the changing temperatures and weather conditions, and the blowing of dirt and other debris onto the frames, means that they will begin to look discoloured over time. Fortunately, wood can be easily painted. Clean the surface, prepare the timber, and apply another coat of paint to bring your frames back to life.

Chips and bumps can be filled, and even the hardest of timbers can usually be worked to cover up any damage that has occurred. Unfortunately, debris can blow onto the wood, while falling items and storm damage can also leave you needing repairs to your frames. If a section of your frame has become badly damaged, beyond simple filling, then you may be able to have just this section replaced, or you may be able to have it professionally repaired, negating the need to have the whole window replaced.

If the wood has become rotten, which can be a problem if you have just bought a period property and are looking to restore it to its full glory, then this may mean that all of the window frame needs repairing and replacing. A skilled period property glazing company will be able to match one window to the style of the rest of the property, which means that you may be able to get away with just having one window replaced. Alternatively, they should be able to help you choose authentic looking windows, either by choosing a style appropriate to the period that the building was erected, or by matching the style of surrounding properties.

PVC is often sold as being affordable and long lasting, but in reality, wood windows will cost you less over their lifetime, and they will last considerably longer than the equivalent PVC models. What’s more, if you are looking for period charm, then you simply cannot achieve this with PVC frames.

The Original Box Sash Windows Company can provide you with period character windows and doors, made from high grade wood, and designed to last. Restore your property back to its full glory, and enjoy great looking and energy efficient doors and windows.

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