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How to use a concrete grinder

A concrete grinder has a variety of uses for the DIY. You can use the grinder to smooth and polished concrete floors or to scrape the surface of a floor waiting for the implementation of a tile or wood flooring. A grinder can remove the old paint from the surface of a floor or even out the highs and lows to create a slab level. All these uses require essentially the same procedure using the grinder, varying only in the polishing pad connected to the machine. Because of this, if you want to buy concrete grinder then learning to use a concrete grinder properly can extend its capabilities remodeling existing manufacturing a modifiable only concrete surface that can work.


1) Set the polishing pad securely to the bottom of the grinder. Choose your pad according to the amount of material to be removed from the concrete surface. Hard pads can grind more material in a single pass, but softer polishing pads are needed to create a glossy finish on the concrete. Use an adjustable wrench to tighten the pad in place.

2) Connect hose mill to a vacuum for dust collection.

3) Turn on the vacuum. Move the grinder to the edge of the concrete surface that is intended to grind. Set the wheels in the mill for grinding mode.

4) Turn the cement mill and wait until the engine reaches operating speed. You can determine this point because the engine no longer accelerates but even at a steady pace. Lower grinder head for concrete and move the grindstone along the surface using a small circular or moving from side to side to keep the grinding even. This prevents the creation of low points in the surface or swirl marks in concrete. Push the grinder in a straight line along the edge of the concrete surface, applying light pressure on the concrete pad grab the line.

5) Turn off the mill at the end of the row. Set the wheels in the mill for the transport mode and return to the front of the line. Place the grinder so as to cover the open space next to the area and ground, a little above the first row by about 2 inches. Turn the mill and cover the second row of the concrete surface. Continue this until you have covered the entire concrete surface. Turn off the vacuum at the end of the room coverage, along with the mill.

6) Sweep away any residue of ground lost by the union of emptiness.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use a hand grinder to reach areas that floor grinder cannot reach.
  • Wear safety goggles, a dust mask, and work gloves during operation to prevent injury mill shell or inhalation of concrete dust concrete.

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