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Outdoor Oasis

How to Make an Outdoor Oasis for Your Home

Not every home owner’s first instinct when upgrading the look of their home is to focus on the backyard. However, transforming the look and feel of your backyard can certainly create a new ambiance for your home. A well groomed and thought-out backyard can make all the difference, but many are intimidated by the thought of exterior design. Designing for the outdoors doesn’t have to be difficult if you know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the things that will most drastically change the look of your backyard:

Outdoor Oasis

Outdoor Kitchen

Almost nothing makes an outdoor space more luxurious than having an outdoor kitchen. An easily accessible grill and sink also makes entertaining a breeze and creates a fun area for people to converse. From stone, brick, and stainless steel, there are plenty of materials that can be used to create an outdoor island to host your kitchen and give your outdoor kitchen space the perfect look.

Outdoor Living Room

If you bring your kitchen outside, you might as well bring in a cozy spot as well. Use open patio space to create a family room that is set up in a way that encourages conversation, just like you would do for your indoor living or family room. Wicker furniture is a wise choice for the outdoors because it’s easy to clean and can withstand the elements. Choose wicker chairs that require cushions to make this area more inviting and a comfortable place to relax. The great thing about having cushions outdoors is that their fabric covers can be changed to bring a new look to your outdoor space each season.


The outdoor flower pot is the planter to the indoor wall-hanging plant. Flower pots and even larger planters are a great way to bring some unique design to different spaces of your outdoor oasis. You can be creative here and choose pots that fit the design of the outdoor living room you created. Modern or traditional, make sure your planters are positioned in a way that bring the piece attention and add to the décor of your outdoor space.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting fixtures are another great way to bring a particular ambiance to the scene. This is another important place to incorporate the design of your outdoor space to spread across your entire outdoor living area. Outdoor lighting can truly make or break your project. Choose lighting that highlights the space of your backyard. If you have a round grassy area, this could mean lining this area with a few lights to define the space. It’s best to have bothfoot/accent lighting as well as a few overhead lighting fixtures to provide light for both aesthetic and functional purposes, respectively.

Stone Paths

Here’s a great way for you to bring home the look of your space. Instead of concrete that cracks and gets dingy over time, hire a professional to redo your patio space to give it a clean and creative feel. Even the nicest outdoor living area can be negated by an ugly cracked grey concrete slab. You have so many options when it comes to flooring your outdoor space- from pebble patios or broken stone to brick or a mosaic design, there are endless possibilities for you to consider.

Designing an outdoor oasis for your backyard doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Take your time and focus on one outdoor space at a time and you’ll see a transformation in no time!

Jenna is the customer service representative at LoveItLighting, where she enjoys helping consumers and home designers get a fresh new look on their home design with custom lighting fixtures.