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Why PVC curtains will make your warehouse warmer

Warehouses are great for stocking extra products, deliveries and can become a central hub of any business. But warehouses, whether big or small, need protection both for security, and for warmth. There’s nothing worse than having to do manual labour when you’re freezing cold, plus it can lead to serious injury in the workplace. Not only this, but the noise of heavy machinery, can be very distracting and hazardous in the workplace, alongside dispersing air pollutants that may cause harm to your workforce. The answer, zoning off certain areas for said activities with PVC Strip Curtains.

warehouse warmerThey are virtually inexpensive to buy and fit, and can last a number of years. The main benefits of strip curtains include how they are-

Cost effective

Reduce air & heat loss

Fast and simple to assemble

Manufactured to size as required

Unimpeded access

Easy to repair

Excellent visibility

Easy to clean if required

Isolates noisy machinery

Restricts movement of airborne pollutants

PVC are easily assembled, coming in either a hook on kit or bolt on kit, both being ultimately and equally effective. However the hook on system is most easy to fit and used mainly for smaller doors, such as those for pedestrian access to your warehouse or store and is particularly popular in food preparation areas as it keeps the area free from insects such as airborne flies and keeps heat in.