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2 Months till Christmas – Preparing your Home for the festive period

Although winter is on the way now, there is a lot to look forward to at this time of the year. It is a time to spend indoors enjoying the company of friends and family, and Christmas is a good opportunity to make your house look jolly and cheerful for the festive season.

If you have people coming over for lunch, or to stay a few days, here are some good ways to prepare your home and make it festive…

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Have a clear out now – De-cluttering is a good job to do in the autumn, as it helps you to get everything sorted out well before Christmas and wont then turn into a stressful, last-minute job! Take some time to have a sort out of the things that you no longer use and recycle them or take them to a charity shop.

Order what you need – Being organised will make your Christmas much more relaxed – think about the things that you need for the big day itself, such as food, as well as gifts, cards and decorations. Getting this all organised now means that you will have it all ready and can relax and enjoy December rather than spending it in a state of panic!

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Decorate – To make your home feel festive, decorate it with twinkly lights and of course a Christmas tree! Add finishing touches like a festive flower display from somewhere like this Florist Tewkesbury https://flowershedtewkesbury.co.uk and make or order some wreaths for the doors.

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