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How is marble shaped and cut

Marble Tiles like the ones from www.irwintiles.ie/marble-stone-tiles are popular choices for flooring in homes, especially as people look for ways in which they can keep their homes cool during the more common heat waves that we are experiencing. This type of flooring can help to keep the temperature of a room down, and during the colder winter months, rugs can be placed on the floors to add some warmth.

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Natural marble is formed in the core of the Earth, but it is possible to have items made of a synthetic material that looks and acts like natural marble. When marble is mined, it is taken from the mines in blocks that are then transported from the quarry to the location where they will be cut and shaped. These blocks can be up to 3 metres in length and weigh up to 15 tonnes.

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The marble is cut using a multi-wire cutter or a block cutter. There are various methods of cutting blocks based on their dimensions. For example, large blocks might be processed with a multi-wire cutter, while smaller blocks would be processed with block cutters. This will allow the blocks to be used to the maximum extent possible by reducing the amount of waste that is created by the block’s dimensions.

When creating slabs of marble, multi-wire cutters are used, and block cutters tend to be used for creating strips of marble that are then cut into tiles, like the ones mentioned above.

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