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What is shower gel
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What is shower gel?

The shower gel is not a beauty product most people spend time thinking about. However, it is important to be able to define the shower gel precisely in order for you to know more about the product and purchase one that will best fit your needs.

What is shower gel?

What is shower gel

Shower gel is a liquid product that you apply on the body to wash away oil and dirt, as well as bacteria. It is used together with another cleaning agent such as soap or hand sanitizer. When using shower gel, you have to remember that this is what makes your skin feel extra smooth after a bath or shower, functioning as moisturizer.

What is shower gel made of?

Most shower gels are made of water and strong agents such as sodium lauryl sulphate or sodium laureth sulfate. You can find out more about these ingredients below. Also, some manufacturers add natural extracts to the product, while others prefer to use colorants for the final appearance.

How to use it?

Use shower gel generously on skin. Since it is a liquid product, you are supposed to use your hands to apply the gel on your body. Remember that it might produce some bubbles when applied onto wet skin, so be careful not to make too many bubbles if you do not want to look funny after bathing or washing your hair.

It might be difficult to answer this question without looking at the label on your bottle. Most manufacturers will indicate how long their product is expected to last after opening it for the first time. Usually, you can use up one liter shower gels in 2-4 months, approximately. However, there are certain factors that may affect this estimate so you should check the bottle if possible.

Shower gel benefits

Besides helping you to feel refreshed after showering, the shower gel also has lots of other benefits. Such as preventing your skin from dehydration, softening it and making sure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs even though you might be too busy for a balanced diet. The product can be very helpful for people who prefer to keep their weight in check, as it will prevent you from eating too much and gaining extra pounds.

Things to consider before using

There are certain things you should be aware of in order to avoid any unwanted consequences when using shower gel. First and foremost, make sure that the product does not contain any allergens such as:

  • Colorants;
  • Parabens;
  • Chemical ingredients;

The best way to be sure the product is safe is to read the ingredient label and make sure that none of these allergens are included in it.

While using shower gel, you should avoid any type of contact with your eyes or even ears if possible. It might not seem like anything bad can happen, but there are cases when users complain about burning sensations after applying the gel on their head or body.

Some people also recommend that you rinse the product off your hands as soon as possible after washing, to make sure there are no traces left which can irritate the skin.

If you have any cuts, wounds, signs of burns or anything like that on your body, make sure not to use it until the affected area has been healed. The product might irritate it and lead to further complications.

While there is no correct dosage for the usage of a shower gel, manufacturers usually provide a guideline on how much you should use at a time. It is good to follow these guidelines even if they do not seem like anything special because they were determined after thorough research and analysis.