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Five spring DIY projects

With longer days, things are looking up this spring. Here are some suggestions for smartening up your abode.

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1 Create shelves

Shelves are a neat way to organise your books and belongings. You will need a hammer, wood screws, a drill and a pencil. A spirit level is essential, and you could also think about buying a digital detector, to warn you of any cables, studs or pipes behind the plaster.

There are lots of good basic shelves available, but if you are skilled at DIY you might be able to make your own. When the shelf is up, create an aesthetic effect by arranging books by spine colour.

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2 Bring in the sunshine

Replace heavy winter curtains with lighter material, such as linen. Charity shops and Ebay have cheap fabric solutions. Don’t be daunted by the prospect of making your own curtains, you just need thread and a sewing machine but alternatively, some hem tape and an iron should work. Don’t forget measuring tape, scissors and pins.

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Figure out how much fabric you need before you start. Online curtain fabric calculators and tutorials can be invaluable.

Some more DIY suggestions are here: https://www.housebeautiful.com/home-remodeling/diy-projects/a3460/spring-diys/.

3 Use chalk paint for a fresh look

It’s simple and easy to upcycle furniture with a dash of paint – online videos demonstrate how to transform your pieces. Be sure to add a final wax finish to protect your furniture.

4 Improve lamp light

We benefit from lighter nights when the clocks change. Your lampshades could also be overhauled, improving your living space. To make your own shade, you need adhesive styrene, lampshade rings, some fabric and a lampshade glue kit. Easy online tutorials demonstrate what to do.

5 Create a feature wall

Bold print wallpapers are on trend for 2019. Making a single feature wall (rather than the entire room) will create a stunning look – it’s low cost and quick. There are many patterns to choose from, including modern geometric designs and colourful tropical prints. Be sure to prepare properly – remove the previous paper to obtain a smooth finish, and consider lining paper. With standard wallpaper, the paste needs enough time to absorb into the paper. For renters, removable papers work.

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