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What’s cooking? The most popular UK family meals

As the clock begins to turn from 4pm to 7pm the nation’s thoughts turn to the kitchen and whatever culinary delight is going to be forthcoming. Everyone not involved in the making of the food is hoping that the new Kitchen Refurbishment from https://www.thekitchenrefurbishmentcompany.co.uk/ has helped produce something really good. What could the tea be? Hopefully it will be the one of the following as these are the most popular.

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  1. Roast Dinner, It seems that we are still very much traditionalists when it comes to our tea. The classic mix of boiled and roasted veggies, with a meat or meat substitute, stuffing and yorkshire pudding covered in a gravy wins every time.
  2. Fish and Chips. A British classic. Introduced to the country by East European immigrants in the Victorian era, Fish and chips was the only food not rationed during the Second World war.
  3. Pizza. An Italian national dish, classic pizza is just Mozzarella and tomato passata. This hasn’t stopped the rest of the world adding pepperoni, barbeque chicken and even ham and pineapple to it.

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  1. Spaghetti bolognese.  Another Italian classic that is virtually unrecognisable to anyone from Italy if they were faced with eating it.   Nevertheless we British  are big fans of this as long as you add enough mince or fake mince into the dish.
  2. Chicken curry.  Again not a native dish of the country but certainly one that we have taken to our hearts  and a great representation of our multicultural society.