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Clothing from the land of myth and legend

Ireland is famous for its myths and legends.  Many of the tales that have grown from these Celtic people Gone on to frame and focus and Influence many fantasy writers.  All parts of Ireland have some myths to tell and these  stories  have shaped every part of Irish culture.  All elements from food, drink and even clothes owe some parts of their existence to the tales that have been written and told for millennia.

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However not all of these tales are as ancient as you may think.  Take for example the Irish sweater that came originally from the Isles of Aran, just off Galway Bay. You’ll see some fine examples of the Irish fisherman sweater at https://www.shamrockgift.com.

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The brave people of Aran took the Merino sheep wool  and knitted it to create jumpers for the fisherman as they braved the Atlantic ocean desperate to return with a good catch to feed the islanders. Aran  relied on the sea to provide them with fish and crustaceans otherwise the population would seriously suffer from hunger.  For Luck, Celtic symbols would be knitted onto the front of the jumpers to bring them protection out in the Sea.

However this is purely a myth.  The sweaters were taught to the inhabitants of the items by another set of islanders based in the English channel.  These were Fisher people from Guernsey who came to show the Aran  islanders how to create them.  Certainly despite the romantic overtones,  the cable knit is not a reference to Celtic writing.