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5 Ways to Make Savings Around the Home

The house provides so much—security, pride of ownership and shelter—but it’s not without costs. Whether it’s fixing leaky pipes, electricity bills or upgrading to energy-efficient appliances, many of these expenses can be reduced to fit your budget.

A common rule of thumb is to save 1% of the purchase price of your home each year for maintenance and repairs, but that may not be realistic based on your income or lifestyle. In that case, it’s better to take a more targeted approach to saving money around the house. This article suggests ways to make savings that don’t require any major changes, from reducing utility costs to shopping for the best deals.

1. Clean smarter (and cheaper)

Cleaning supplies can be expensive, especially if you’re buying store brand items. But there are plenty of DIY solutions that can cut your cleaning bill and still leave your family safe and healthy. A quick search online will reveal recipes for everything from glass cleaner to laundry detergent, and most ingredients can be found in your pantry.

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2. Buy in bulk (and use it up)

Instead of purchasing just one carton of a particular grocery item, pick up a larger size that will last longer and cost less per unit. This strategy applies to paper products, laundry detergent and even some food items. Then, plan your meals to use up what you have before it goes bad.

3. Get rid of wasteful expenses

Unnecessary expenses can really add up, including unnecessary TV subscriptions and outdated and expensive policies. Consider cancelling wasteful TV packages and returning to Freeview. To improve your signal, consider TV aerial repair Tewkesbury by contacting a site like https://steveunettaerials.co.uk/our-services/aerial-services/tv-aerial-repair/tv-aerial-repair-tewkesbury

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  1. Turn off the lights when you leave a room

Unplugging things like TVs, coffee makers and laptops can reduce your electric bill by 10%. But a power strip can give you easy access to a single switch, and it’s usually less than a single new appliance.

  1. Use a water filter (and stop buying bottled water)

A basic water filter can reduce your annual bottled water bill by more than half, and filtered tap water is just as good for you. Similarly, cutting out soda and juices for a few months can save you big bucks, as can switching to a reusable beverage container.