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The Conveyancing Process When Buying a New Build House

If you are wanting to get that first step onto the property ladder, or you want a home that is modern and unlikely to have any work that is needed to it, then buying a new build property is something that you are likely to be looking into.

Buying a new build home can be a little different to buying a home that has already been lived in. Often, when you buy a new build home, you will be buying it before it has even been built off of plans by the developer. They will usually tend to have a show home so that you can have a look around and get an idea of the style of your finished home.

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You will still need to have a conveyancing solicitor like this Gloucester conveyancing solicitor www.montpellier.legal/conveyancing-solicitor/gloucester-conveyancing/ who has experience with the conveyancing process of a new build home.

This process is usually much quicker than the process of buying a home that has been lived in already – mainly due to the fact that it is more straightforward as you are not in a chain and the solicitor involved in buying your new home will not have to wait on the seller’s solicitor or the circumstances of the seller.

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Usually, the process of the legal side of the purchase can be completed within about a month, so as long as everything goes smoothly, you should be in your home as soon as you have the go ahead that it has been built!

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