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How to bring colour into your home

There may be some people who like to keep their home cold and sterile in appearance, but even a brief splash of colour can make a space much more inviting. Careful planning and an awareness of how different hues work together can help you change the atmosphere of your home for the better.

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Know what you want

Before you start spreading paint everywhere, you need to know the kind of vibe you want for your home. Look at other examples, explore how different colours work together and make a plan. Then buy the paint, wallpaper, furniture and crochet kits you need.

Warm and cold colours

Warm colours such as red and orange are good for social areas such as a lounge. They bring the room to life, welcome guests and help encourage engagement with people and activities. Colder blues and greens tend to calm a room down and may be better for private spaces such as the bathroom.

Bold versus pastels

Another way to bring a room to life is with bold, bright tones. Pastel shades are more for chilling out than for partying. Remember, it is not just about individual colours, but how they work together. A bolder feature wall can provide a focal point by contrasting with paler surroundings, whilst patterns benefit when bordered by solid colour.

Complementary colours

Some shades complement each other, whilst others can be garish or jarring when placed together. Colour wheels can help you identify good compliments, such as red and green Areas of colour should be balanced with neutral zones.

Not just the walls

Yes, both paint and wallpaper can be important, especially in small and contrasting areas, but rugs and cushions can also be used to create small focal points of colour. Wool Couture stock crochet kits here to look for ways to add extra hues and textures to your home.

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Many possibilities are available if you want to add colour to your home, with different tones and contrasts having a profound impact on the overall ambience. That is why you need to think your colour scheme through very carefully.