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Why it is So Important to Get your Roof Checked Before Winter Comes

After a glorious hot summer, many of us are starting to prepare ourselves for the winter. For some people, after all of the hot sticky days and nights, the colder weather may even be something to look forward to and snuggling up on a cold dark evening could be appealing.

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As well as preparing ourselves for the colder weather, we also need to prepare our homes. Making sure that our central heating is in good working order and tidying up and putting things away in the garden are all things that we do to prepare for the winter. However, something that many people often forget to check on is the roof.

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We don’t tend to give much thought to the roof of our home – after all, we can’t really see it. However, this is why we should be getting it checked before the winter months arrive by a professional like this Cheltenham roofing company stromroofingltd. Our roof keeps us safe and warm over the winter, and often by the time we notice that there is anything wrong with it, it is an expensive and big repair job required to sort the problem out.

This is particularly something to think about if you have an older property. If the house is older than around 25 years, then it is likely that you could have some damage to the roof that needs to be repaired before it worsens. Because lots of the early signs of damage are not things that we would spot from inside our home or even from standing outside and looking up at the roof, this is why you should get a professional roofer to come and check it for you.


Even things that we might consider to be a normal part of an older roof, such as moss, can actually be damaging the roof. If a lot of moss builds up on it, it can work its way underneath the tiles and into the roof itself, which means that damp can get in, and not only make its way into your home, but also rot the timbers in the roof and in the attic.

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