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Winter-Proof Your Home: How to Keep the Cold Out and the Heat In

As the nights get colder it is very important that you prepare your home and keep it well insulated before the coldest months arrive. There are many actions you can take to make sure you keep your home warm without spending a fortune on your energy. In this article we will go through some of the tips and tricks to keep your home warm.

Insulate your loft. If your loft has poor insulation, you could be losing up to a quarter of the heat inside of your home. As heat rises, it is vital that you have efficient heating in your loft to stop too much heat escaping. Insulating your loft is a simple job that you can do yourself. You will need to acquire some insulation and lay it all around the floor in your loft space.

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Double glazed windows. Having double glazed windows installed in your home is a great way to keep it insulated. The insulation gap between the two panes of glass in the window, created a very effective barrier against the cold weather. In addition to keeping your home warm, double glazing is also great for cancelling out noise from outside, so if you live in a busy area, double glazing is a great investment. Gloucester double glazing is available from professionals such as www.firmfix.co.uk/

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Schedule your heating. Separating and scheduling your heating is a great way to save money on your energy bills. Rather than heating your whole house at once, you may find it more efficient to just heat one or two rooms that you use most often. Additionally, you can schedule your heating to only come on at specific times of the day. So rather than heating your house all day, you can just heat it in the evening or the mornings when it is coldest.

These are some of the main tips you can implement to your home to help keep it warm through the winter. A few extra tips are to seal any gaps in your walls when cables and pipes come in from. You can also use heavy curtains and keep them drawn across your windows. Finally, you can keep furniture and any other large items away from your radiators when they are on. This will allow the heat to circulate properly.

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