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Three Things in Your Home to Take Care of in the Winter

Over the winter, the weather can cause lots of damage to our homes. Low temperatures resulting in ice and snow, heavy rain and strong winds all play a part in wreaking havoc on our homes, and it is important at this time of the year to keep an eye on our homes and take good care of them so that they can protect us from these spells of bad weather.

Here are some of the things to look out for…

Freezing Pipes – Temperatures going below zero mean that water turns to ice, and this can lead to pipes becoming frozen. As well as the fact that this means water can’t move through the pipe, it can also then lead to a burst pipe. If your pipes do freeze you should turn your mains water off straight away and then slowly and gently defrost the pipe. Reduce the risk of this happening in the first place by ensuring that your pipes are well insulated and that if you have an outdoor tap the hosepipe is not connected to it.

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Central Heating – This is the worst time of the year for central heating to break down but also the most common time for it to happen. In the warmer months it is rarely used so for many people firing up the heating when a cold snap takes place, this is when they notice that there is a problem. Getting your boiler checked and serviced before the winter sets in is the best thing to do to reduce the risk of this happening to you.

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Roof Damage – Roofs come under a lot of pressure in the bad winter weather. Gutters can become blocked with bits of moss and fallen leaves and high winds as well as ice and snow can cause damage to the roof. Get a professional roofer like this Cheltenham roofing company Storm Roofing Ltd to check your roof for any signs of damage and make the necessary repairs to it before a small problem turns into a larger one. You can also help to keep the roof in good shape by clearing gutters, especially during the autumn and the winter.

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