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Questions to ask when house hunting

Buying a home is one of the most complicated and stressful things you can do as an adult. Make the whole process easier on yourself by knowing the right questions to ask when you’ve spotted a property you like. Once you’re armed with all the correct and relevant facts, then you can make a well-informed decision.

What is included in the sale?

Find out through your agent exactly what is included with regards to fixtures and fittings. A room-by-room inventory is the best thing to ask for, so you know exactly what’s what. It might sound pedantic but it’s a great way to avoid confusion. For advice from Estate Agents Gloucester, consider a site like mwea.co.uk/

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What position are the sellers in?

This is an important thing to know as it will have a major impact on what you do. Are they serious about selling or just testing the water? Knowing the seller’s position and if they are eager to sell, for example, can make negotiating easier for you.

Are there any restrictions?

Nobody likes nasty surprises, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask about any restrictions. Is the property listed? Does it sit within a conservation area? These things can have an impact on future plans you might have to repaint the exterior in a different colour or build an extension onto the property.

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What about right of way?

Find out if there are any access issues with the property. Is there a shared driveway, where do the property boundaries lie and are there any other legal factors about access you need to know?


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