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Making Sure that your Conservatory is a Comfortable Temperature

Many of us have a conservatory. They are handy spaces to have and there are many uses for a conservatory. From being a handy second sitting room, a dining area, or a space for the kids to play, there are lots of ways that you can use a conservatory. They are also an easy way to extend the home and create more space, and usually you don’t need to get planning permission to have a conservatory built.

Something that many people do experience with a conservatory, however, is the fact that they can often feel too warm in the summer months and too cold in the winter. This is a common problem, but the good news is there are lots of things that you can do in the conservatory to regulate the temperature…

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In the Winter

The winter months in the UK can be quite chilly, and the conservatory can often be colder that the rest of the home. The difference in the temperature can depend on the materials used and how it was built, as well as the age of the conservatory, but there are lots of ways you can warm it up.

Because most people don’t have central heating connected from their conservatory (this requires planning permission, as well as the additional expense of getting a heating engineer to do this) it can seem harder to heat one. However, there are many modern ways to heat the conservatory – from electric radiators on the walls to heating in the floor, like this from underfloor heating Gloucestershire based company parsonsflooring.com/services/electric-under-floor-heating-gloucestershire/ that will prevent your conservatory from being too cold in the winter.

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In the Summer

All of the glass can make your conservatory feel more like a greenhouse in the summer! A good way to reduce this is by having blinds fitted to stop so much of the sun getting in and then the heat getting caught. You could even have electric blinds and work out the time of the day when the sun beams in and get the blinds to come down whilst it is this time.

It might also be a good option to install air conditioning into your conservatory if it is very hot – this doesn’t have to be expensive, there are some reasonably priced portable air conditioning units that are effective in cooling down a hot room.

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