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The Best Ways to Waterproof a Basement

Few things are worse than a wet basement. Water in your basement will reduce the amount of livable space within your home, can lead to odors and mildew, may endanger your health, and will definitely decrease the value of your…

7 Simple Tips for Finishing a Basement Bedroom

When creating the perfect home, many people will focus on the interior main floors first, or the areas where they expect most of their guests to see. Once these floors and room are perfected, many will think that their job…

Are Basement Flats Back In Fashion?

There was once a time where basement flats had such a poor reputation that not even the most desperate of aspiring tenants would consider them. They were for a long time regarded as being damp, dull and generally unpleasant places…

Basement Bathroom Remodeling

Basement bathroom remodeling is the ideal solution for rectifying faults as well as providing a facelift to existing bathrooms. Some of the common problems found in most basement bathrooms include flooding and foundation cracks.