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The pros and cons of shower enclosures

Shower enclosures give you the chance to separate your bathroom and shower space inside your bathroom while still retaining an almost open, easy-flow design. An enclosure can make or break your bathroom, and before you decide which one to opt for, you need to consider the pros and cons.

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Shower enclosure pros

Frameless shower doors are very easy to clean and maintain. There are no small gaps where mildew can grow and no hard-to-reach corners, either. All you need to do is wipe down the glass and keep it clean.

Frameless enclosures look very elegant and create a feeling of space, and they allow you to come and go as you please. There is no need to open or close doors or worry about slipping when stepping in or out.

The glass that’s used in frameless showers is very strong, and you don’t have to worry about doors breaking or shattering. 8mm shower glass panels are more than thick and sturdy enough, and you can buy these at https://marvinandpinch.co.uk/products/8mm-clear-toughened-shower-screen-wetroom-panel-glass or any other store that sells quality bathroom products.

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Wet room showers with no doors are easily customisable and can be built according to your specifications. There’s no reason to confine yourself to a specific shape or style. Showers can also be easily adapted for wheelchair access or any other purpose, making them far more versatile.

Frameless enclosure cons

Frameless enclosures are not ideal for keeping the heat in, and in a big bathroom, they can be chilly. They are also not ideal for water saving as they may encourage longer showers simply to warm up.

The lack of frame means there is a greater chance of leaks or floods because there is no way to keep all the water in. Although the glass may be sealed, it is not as watertight as a door seal would be, and water can escape.

Walk-in showers can be more expensive and harder to install. You need to ensure that a professional does the job, as a poor installation could lead to several issues.

A shower screen may not suit everyone, especially not kids or the elderly, who may prefer bathing over showering. You’d therefore need to have both options available, and this can lead to increased costs if you want to accommodate all requirements.

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