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What do know about home automation systems

In this forward-thinking digital age of the IoT (Internet of Things), you can now control all of your home-based systems. From heating and lighting to water and security, there is now a way for you to remotely control everything. If having your home heated to the right temperature before you arrive back from work appeals to you, then a home automation system is made for you. You can even lock the front door if you realise you have forgotten to when you’re halfway down the street.

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With a Wi-Fi connected app on a smartphone, laptop or iPad, you could experience an even deeper control of your home by adding on other household products. These range from ovens, radiators and alarms systems to personal fitness trackers and even washing machines. Can you imagine coming home just as the washing machine completes the cycle and has the laundry ready for you to hang up straightway?

What do they cost?

In this money-conscious era, where we constantly scrutinise our household bills and look for ways to save money, are we really able to afford a home automation system? Well, the short answer is yes, we can. Ranging from £100 upwards (it depends how much of your home you want to automate), this particular market is becoming extremely competitive – as such, the prices are being driven down. But if you feel they are still too expensive, you can save extra money on your bills by switching to a ‘smart’ meter or installing aluminium radiators.

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Aluminium Radiators

Why aluminium? Well, aluminium is cheap to produce, resists corrosion and is low in density. Appealing to more consumers that the traditional steel radiator, aluminium counterparts emit more than five times heat than steel, meaning they can be left on for a significantly reduced amount of time before reaching the desired effect. Although they can be more expensive to initially buy, with the cost benefits of driving heating bills down, as well as low installation costs (they are much easier to fit than steel radiators), you’ll save enough money to pay for the home automation system. There are also plenty of colours to choose from at http://apolloradiators.co.uk/Category/3/header/3/radiator-ranges.

With a wide range of smart products now available for home automation, you are guaranteed to find the one that suits your needs.

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