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using phone while charging
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Is using phone while charging good or bad?

How many times have they told you that using the mobile while charging is bad? You may even be the one who does not stop repeating it every time you see someone using phone while charging. This is a myth, a legend or a rumor that everyone talks about, but few people have investigated what is true.

We have, that is why we bring you this article in which we tell you the whole truth about whether it is bad to use your mobile while it is charging, at the same time we dismantle some false myths about these devices.

Can the mobile be using phone while charging?

using phone while charging

Some cases have come to light that has raised all the alarms about the convenience or not of using the mobile while it is charging. The fact is that, although there have been accidents and even deaths of people while using the mobile in charge, there is no problem in using your cell phone when it is charging.

If we go to the root of the problem, in most of those accidents, the charger used was a poor quality copy. If we reformulate the answer, we should say that you can use the mobile while charging if you do it with an official charger. Not that any other charger is dangerous, but you cannot be sure that it has passed the relevant and necessary safety regulations.

Recommendations when using the mobile while charging

Some manufacturers like Apple only put some restrictions on the use of their terminals while they are charging. The American company recommends letting the mobile recharge for 10 minutes before using it again. This recommendation should only be followed when the battery is completely drained and the mobile is turned off, but if you recharge it before it is exhausted, it is not necessary.

Opening applications and using the phone while it is charging does not affect the charge and its speed. Even if you don’t use it, the mobile is still working. Think that current smartphones are doing many functions even if you do not have it in your hands: they are connected to wi-fi, they are updating information, some applications work in the background, and so on. It is not that you cannot use the mobile while it is charging. It is that, even if you do not want to, the mobile will be working.

How to use the mobile while charging?

Now that you know that you can navigate with your mobile with peace of mind, it is good that you know some recommendations so that this load of good results and your terminal does not suffer any damage:

Always charge the device with the official charger with which it was sold. Nothing happens if, at specific moments, you use another charger, but this should not be the general trend.
If you use a protective case, it is normal that the phone can get hot since closing the ventilation channels. This does not happen. We recommend that you remove the cover when you are going to charge it.

How to charge the mobile faster?

Next, we will give you a series of tips to speed up the charging of the mobile and so you can recharge the battery faster:

  • As we have already said before, even if you are not using the mobile, it is working in the background, something that consumes some battery. Turning off the device while charging it will prevent this from happening, saving a few minutes on charging.
  • Another less radical but just as effective way is to activate the airplane mode of the phone. You can use it for all those tasks that do not need the network’s use, but you will lose your Internet connection and telephone coverage.
  • Although you can currently charge your phone from almost anywhere, the quickest way to do so is still by plugging it directly into power. Computers or laptops are much slower.
  • The more applications and processes we have open on the mobile, the greater the energy drain and the more its load will slow down. If you want to speed up the load, you must free up the phone RAM so that there are not so many processes that suck the electricity from you.