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how to get rid of ants in bedroom
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How to get rid of ants in bedroom?

The heat and humidity of summer lead to the appearance of very diverse pests. And although some are more dangerous than others, without a doubt, there is an insect that can become really annoying because of how it invades our homes, and even our food, with complete peace of mind. Of course, we are talking about ants, a really important animal for the planet’s biodiversity, which can become a persistent problem when it sneaks into our space.

How to get rid of ants in bedroom?

The ants found in our homes optimum conditions for installation. Here they have good air conditioning, corners where they can build their nests without being detected and, above all, many food scraps to collect. Unfortunately, once they appear, they are very difficult to cast completely. Therefore, the best strategy we can follow if we do not want to live with hundreds of them is prevention. Keep reading: How to clean white converse?

how to get rid of ants in bedroom

1. Block their way: watch out for the cracks!

Due to their size, they have it very easy to sneak into the house through cracks, but making their passage difficult is not difficult either. Simply use silicone or plaster to seal the holes through which they could enter. At the same time, this takes away spaces where they could otherwise establish their nests. We must especially check the cracks in the kitchen, although they can also be installed in any room and parade from there in search of food.

2. Starve them: no crumbs!

That is another of the fronts that we must monitor. To avoid pests, we must ensure that they do not find a source of food in our homes. This can be tricky as scout ants use their sense of smell to detect food and orient themselves, so they always know which way to go. In addition, although they have a predilection for sugary substances, any type of organic matter works for them.

The key to not appearing is very simple: maintain a good cleaning at home, paying special attention to the kitchen and bedroom. After meals, make sure there are no remains anywhere. That is, you have to sweep and wipe the different surfaces where we routinely use food. And in this area, let’s not forget about household appliances; passing the broom under the refrigerator or removing the crumbs from the inside of the toaster can save us future invasions.

3. Watch for leftovers and water leaks

It is also convenient to wash the dishes when you finish eating since leftovers can attractants to the sink and find water. Along the same lines, we must make sure to repair water leaks if we have them because humidity can be another claim.

4. Sweets in airtight containers

Continuing with food, we must carefully control the places where we store it. Shelves and cabinets must be cleaned from time to time, especially if we have spilled any food. And those things most striking for ants, among which sweet products such as sugar or honey stand out, we should keep them in closed, airtight containers. However, let’s not forget that they can eat anything, so the garbage cans should be emptied frequently.

Homemade repellants

If we find a row of these insects walking through our kitchen one day, there are ways to expel them again. Of course, the most direct is to contact experts in pest control or buy and apply the insecticide that seems most appropriate. But there are also effective home methods if we want to throw them out instead of killing them.

1. Vinegar

In the same way that ants love sugary foods, they can not stand the smell of vinegar. Mixed with water in equal parts, it can be sprayed through the usual areas of passage, and we will see that the number of explorers is drastically reduced in a very short time. Furthermore, being so strong, vinegar eliminates the traces of odor that serve as a guide, so it is difficult for them to detect the path they followed inside our houses again. It is one of the many uses of vinegar that you may not have known about.

2. Lemon

Something very similar happens with lemon juice. If we sprinkle the soil with a couple of squeezed citrus fruits, the ants will also disappear. Only in this case, our home will smell much better than with vinegar.

3. Scent sacks of mint, coffee beans

In general, we can eliminate ants with certain striking odors. Herbs and spices such as mint, bay leaf, garlic or even coffee beans can serve as homemade repellants. We can spread them outside the house if we know what areas they enter through, like homemade pesticides. But if we are unsure, we can put some of these ingredients in cloth bags and store them in drawers and shelves, as is done in the cabinets with anti-moth products.

4. Chalk and talcum powder

Chalk and talcum powder also serve to scare off these insects. The most efficient way to use them is to spread them in the access points since if we try to mark their entire route, we will surely end up with half a house dirty from dust.

5. Baking soda with sugar

Finally, it will also work for us to mix equal parts baking soda and sugar. This mixture is harmful to ants, so they will flee from it when they detect it. By throwing it through their passageways, the insects will leave our home in a very short time.