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Give your home an energy MOT

We’ve had a lot of rain lately, and this rain means that you should be taking a good look at the downpiping around your home. Having broken or clogged downpipes could lead to your home becoming damp or even being flooded.

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Doing a quick and easy inspection of the downpipes around your home makes sure that heavy rain doesn’t affect the structure of your property. The things to look out for are any delays in water coming out of the downpipe, or water that spills over the top of the gutter. These are signs that there could be a bigger problem in your downpiping that you should deal with immediately.

Professional checks

The best way to take care of your downpipes is to have a professional check them over at least once a year. There are plenty of professional companies and builders that will check for any downpipe problems. If you have a roofer you use, you could combine your yearly roof check with downpipe maintenance.

If you have downpipes that are made from unconventional materials, such as metal, it’s better to get a specialist in to check them for damage or blockages. These experts will know how to properly fix any problems easily.

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Downpipe maintenance

If any damaged or cracked downpiping is found upon inspection, it should be replaced. This is usually an inexpensive item that shouldn’t cost much to fit. Another thing you can have fitted to stop pipes breaking in the harsh winter weather are pipe protectors. Using pipe protectors means that any freeze thaw damage is reduced to downpipes. For more information on pipe protectors, contact your local professional.

If you still have metal guttering, when it needs repairing, it may be a good time to think about getting them replaced instead. This old and unconventional material is costly to fix, and is more prone to rusting and breaking than other, more modern downpipe materials. There are also numerous water saving devices that you can have fitted to save money on your bills.

Another benefit of having downpipes replaced is that you can have a new style on the outside of your house. There are so many colours and designs available for guttering and downpiping that can really add a touch of uniqueness to the outside of your home.

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