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Four reasons that fitters recommend laminate flooring

A much cheaper option than hardwood and other forms of flooring, laminate is now a go-to preference for people looking for flooring that is durable, easy to repair, and comes in a whole range of different textures and designs.

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Variety of styles

Made using a high-definition printer, manufacturers can make a whole array of different designs – including, stone, hardwood, tile and ceramics – in a host of different colours.

Micro bevels, better graphic reproduction and deeper texturing by manufacturers are giving the flooring an even more realistic look, making it hard to tell the difference between the real thing and the laminate. Unlike the real thing, laminate flooring does not suffer from the imperfections of something such as a hardwood floor. There are no defects in laminate and every board is of the same quality and appearance, meaning you will not have to discard or re-engineer any boards as you would with something such as hardwood.

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Fade resistant

Unlike many floor surfaces that become dull over time when exposed to sunlight, laminate will not fade in the same way. Modern laminate is extremely fade-resistant – far more than real hardwood – and it will take many years before the sun starts to make an impact. You can therefore have a great-looking floor that is both durable and sustainable.

Less environmental impact

Laminate from specialists such as https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/laminate-flooring.html is increasingly being manufactured largely of wood, the planet’s most sustainable product. It is produced without added pesticides, heavy metals or organic chlorine compounds, and is often manufactured from wood waste such as wood pulp and wood fibres from the sawmill industry. This results in an even more environmentally friendly product. In many ways, laminate is already a recycled product. Added to this is the fact that it needs no special glues or adhesives during installation.

Easy to repair

If you get a hole in your carpet, the likelihood is that you will have to replace the whole thing, but this is not the case with laminate. Although laminate is not easy to repair, you can simply replace the damaged board with relative ease thanks to the snap system installation, which does not require nails or glue. All you need is a few spare boards left over from the initial installation and you are done.


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