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Celebrating the sky above

Throughout history people from all over the world from different eras have celebrated and prayed to the sky above. Daytime and night time both having their respective deities. Whether these are icons of the sky itself, or the sun, stars and moon people have depicted these ‘Gods’ and ‘Goddesses’ in their stories, artwork and in legends passed down from generation to generation.

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Here are some of the deities of the sky:

Taranis – As usual, this is a Thunder God. An ancient Celtic/Iron Age deity. You usually find that most of the Sky Gods have thunder and lighting somewhere in there. Taranis likes to ride around on a chariot smiting a snarling at the people below.

Zeus – Yes, it’s another Thunder and lighting God. Zeus is the head God of all the Greeks deities and was such a popular idea that the Romans adopted him and called him Jupiter. We shall see quite a few similarities here. This is mainly due to the trading nations taking on the other ideas and making them their own.

Odin – Thunder and Lightning? Yes, that right. Odin is the father of Thor and he runs the show from Asgard making sure that the Viking people tow the line and die heroically in battle so that they can come and live with him.

Teshub – You want storms? You’ll get them if Teshub becomes annoyed. This is a Sky God around the Hittie region. So weve moved to the near and middle east and yet we still get the same result in that it’s the Thunder and Lighting that’s being brought on by the storm God. He doesn’t have a chariot though.

Tiwaz – The fore runner to Thor and Odin. Tiwaz is another sky god associated with storms and not a deity for Saturday morning children’s television (that’s Tiswas your thinking of). Tizday is where we get Tuesday from.

Ukko – You don’t here of many Finnish deities but here we have one that fits the bill. Ukko is quite the overworked Sky god as he is not only responsible for Storms, but he also has the final say on harvesting and crops to.

Dyaus Pita – The Father of the Sky in Hinduism. He is said to be closely related to Zeus in many of his aspects. He only manages the day time though. He has another God to cover the night shift. Ratri is the Goddess of Night so probably looks like a Goth then.

Finally, Virachoca – Just to complete our world tour here is Virachoca an Incan Sky God from South America. He to likes to create everything and is featured holding Thunderbolts and has rain for tears.

Whatever you do in your conservatory, make sure you wear rubber souled shoes.

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