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The Tale of the Wagon Train

The Western “Wagon Train” was one of the most popular TV shows of the late 1950s and through to the late 1960s. It featured many special guest stars who were well-known and established then. Oscar winners like Ernest Borgnine, grizzled cowboy hardman Lee Marvin and even the future President Ronald Reagan made an appearance. Female stars were not forgotten either, with no less than Bette Davis and Jane Wyman.

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The story was set around the trials and tribulations of a large-scale set of Wagons looking to reach California from Missouri in the Midwest. This was a perilous Journey with considerable risk for the settlers looking for a new life. They were attracted by tales of opportunity and gold. They faced hostile tribes who saw their presence correctly as breaking several treaties, the harsh weather and environment, and the general lawlessness of the time. A Wagon Master would make all the main decisions based on what the scouts told them as they journeyed ahead to get a lie of the land.

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The Wagons were hardy affairs but still susceptible to becoming damaged in the unforgiving landscape. Like the need for Trailer Parts today from suppliers such as https://autoandtrailer,  the wagons all needed the drivers to be able “wheelwrights” that could have the train moving again so that no one got left behind. Leaving the Wagon train was very dangerous as safety in numbers was generally accepted as the best course of action.