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It’s okay to put YOU first!

It is easy in today’s world to get into the habit of running all over like a chicken without a head. You may be juggling a busy schedule because of a young child, if you hold a high-profile job or if you are self-employed.

You have a lot of work ahead, you need to meet new clients, keep up with existing clients, and keep track of your accounts …. You might even remember to eat lunch at some point!

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This passion and drive to succeed can be a great motivator for self-employed individuals. It will help you get through tough times and keep your momentum going. However, it can be detrimental to your physical and mental health, as well as your productivity.

You may find that you need some space for yourself when you are suddenly working 50+ hours a week. You could create a little space in your garden, or even above everyone else’s heads in a loft conversion. Create some ‘me space’ Loft Conversions Bristol with Caines Lofts.

You are the most important asset in your business. Without you, there would be no business. You can slow down your mind by taking just 5 minutes each day to breathe. This will help you to become more productive.

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You can add more activities to your weekly schedule as you begin to notice the positive effects of your “Me time” on your productivity and your business. You should make time to do what makes you happy. This could be going to the gym or reading a book. It can also include watching a movie, going for a stroll, or even going to the cinema.

You care about your business’s longevity and you know that putting yourself before others is okay!