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orange peel in paint

How to fix orange peel in paint?

There are various ways to renovate your home, without making excessive changes, for example, repainting the walls of your own home by yourself can be a good solution as it is not too expensive, but effective! If we love DIY and we have a lot of goodwill, we can get to work, choosing the paint suitable for the walls we are going to fix orange peel in paint and the right technique to obtain the effect we want.

Fixing orange peel in paint

orange peel in paint

If we have never touched a brush and we do not have very clear ideas about the technique to adopt and the paint to buy, we can go to some specialized shops and ask their expert staff for advice, ready to give us all the clarifications we need. Furthermore, by browsing the websites of these shops, it is also possible to inquire about any practical demonstrations that can be attended by booking online. There are various techniques that we can adopt, from the most complicated to the simplest ones, for example, a fairly simple and fast one and the peel effect, so let’s find out together just to use orange peel in paint. Continue reading: How to apply pastel colors to your home

What kind of paint to choose?

The orange peel decorative effect can be carried out using a plastic quartz paint with a special roller or with a long-handled round brush impregnated with paint, tapping it directly on the wall. In this way, you will get a rough wall with a very natural effect.

Prepare the wall

To obtain this type of decorative effect on the walls, you must first clean the wall and then apply two coats of base, after which you can then spread the decorative paint with the special trowel. Then, before the paint dries, using the sponge roller of the chosen grain, pass it repeatedly until the desired result is obtained.

Some advice

It must be emphasized that we must be convinced if we decide to use this type of technique because, being plasticized, it will then be very difficult to remove this type of paint from the walls. In fact, the characteristic of orange peel paint is its impermeability.