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5 Reasons to Invest in Commercial Flooring

Floors are an essential component in a commercial space. They need to be durable, withstand heavy foot traffic, and be easy to maintain. Heavy commercial flooring comes in various colors, textures, and designs. Some examples include tile, carpeting, hardwood, and linoleum. Commercial floors also provide more energy efficiency, comfort, and noise reduction.


Durability is one of the most critical factors for commercial flooring in Manhattan, NY. A durable floor will last longer, meaning less repair and replacement down the line, saving businesses money and reducing disruption for occupants. Commercial areas experience much more wear and tear than residential spaces, so they need a more robust material to withstand heavy foot traffic, rolling carts, chairs, and the occasional drop of water or mud. Some commercial environments, such as restaurants or hospitals, require a more resistant material to help prevent the spread of bacteria and infection. Some of the most durable materials include vinyl, linoleum, and plastic laminate. These materials are tough, water-resistant, and come in various colors and textures to suit many design aesthetics.


Regarding commercial flooring, the design is more than just a paint job. The style of your floor tells new hires, customers, and business partners something about the brand. Aesthetics are essential, but a floor must withstand heavy foot traffic, chemical exposure, food and beverage spillages, impacts, and UV exposure. Concrete stains and dyes are great options for creating an attractive and long-lasting color in commercial spaces. This can be done on new or existing concrete and is a great way to breathe visual life into an industrial space.

Energy Efficiency

It takes energy to produce flooring, install it in a space, and dispose of it when its lifespan is complete. Choosing a durable floor minimizes the environmental impact of each process step and reduces the need for replacements, saving energy costs. Commercial buildings often utilize materials engineered for high traffic and those with slip resistance to help prevent accidents that may cost businesses money. In addition, the right flooring can help employees and visitors feel comfortable, especially during cold weather when heat rises to the top floor. Truly efficient flooring helps to keep lower levels warm during the winter and cool in summer, which helps to cut down on energy bills all year round.

Noise Reduction

In specific commercial settings, noise control is a vital consideration. For example, a cafeteria needs flooring that can absorb the impact of dropped dishes, furniture, and sound transmission between rooms and the outside world. Acoustically reducing noise is possible and affordable with modern flooring materials. Carpeting, significantly higher pile and cushion back carpet tiles, is highly effective in mitigating impact and airborne noises. Like vinyl and cork, resilient flooring can cushion the impact of dropped objects, carts, rolling loads, and floor traffic. This reduces noise generation and minimizes the transmission of impact-generated structure-borne noise throughout a building. This is especially important for multifamily dwellings.


The level of foot comfort is a significant factor for many commercial flooring buyers. When employees spend long periods on their feet, the floors must be comfortable and offer support without causing aches or pains. The amount of moisture a floor is exposed to also impacts its comfort. For example, a waterproof surface is essential for areas that could see frequent spills and splashes, as repeated exposure to water can cause mold and other serious problems. Carpet tiles, commercial vinyl tile, and engineered hardwood are the ideal commercial flooring materials for high-traffic spaces, as they balance style and durability. Poured liquid polyurethane comfort floors are trendy for their added cushioning, natural warming effect underfoot, and the ability to reduce impact sound transfer by up to 3 dB.

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