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A Country Style Kitchen – How to Get one that Suits You

Kitchen trends can change each year and it can cost a fortune if you try to follow the trends too closely – as well as being a lot of hassle! What everyone is looking for, especially as winter approaches and the kitchen becomes an important focal point for family gatherings and fun, is a cosy, yet easy to live in kitchen that stands the test of time and has a classic yet modern look.

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A country style kitchen is a great idea, as it never fails to look homely and cosy, and it is an easy look to achieve, as well as being practical and comfortable. There are lots of ways that you can achieve a country kitchen style with your own twist – here are a few ideas to get you started.

Combining cottage chic with a modern twist is something that many people like to do – all the beautiful wooden cupboards for example, but with modern fixtures and fittings, like spotlights, or these downlight covers from Thermahood Direct. You own modern take on the country kitchen look is a good way to incorporate a newer style of kitchen with the more traditional kitchen styles.

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If you are worried that too much wood will make the kitchen look too dark, take inspiration form cottage style kitchens. White painted wood and bright white accessories will give you that traditional look when combined with a traditional tiled floor, without losing all the light in the kitchen.

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