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Does silicone render need regular cleaning?

Silicone render is a popular choice for homeowners because it can be easily applied and is easier to maintain than some other renders, but how often should it be cleaned?

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Benefits of silicone render

A silicone render forms the final coat applied on an exterior wall insulation system to finish off the walls in the colour of a homeowner’s choosing. It provides protection and is often selected because of its water repellent characteristics and because it is easy to clean.

Provided that the property façade is well prepared, a silicone render can be quickly applied, as it comes ready-mixed. If you are looking for builders that offer rendering Bristol, there are firms such as https://www.apsltdbristol.co.uk/ that can advise as to the benefits of silicone render and how best to maintain it so that it stays looking its best.

Silicone render is generally more durable than traditional renders such as sand and cement and also less likely to crack, leaving a building looking pristine for longer. Because it is made of water-repellent additives, there is a reduced chance of mould and dirt forming, which makes it self-cleaning, according to the Federation of Master Builders.

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How and when to clean

Some periodic cleaning may be necessary, particularly if the property is in an area of high pollution or in an area with high humidity, but care should be taken. Silicone render is not suitable for jet-washing as this may damage the surface. Instead, use a soft brush or sponge and only mild detergent to remove any dirt and perform a patch test first on a small area. A low-pressure hose can be used for rinsing. Taking care and time when cleaning will help prevent any damage and ensure you preserve the lifespan of your render.