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5 Thoughtful Housewarming Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

Moving places is always stressful, whether we’re talking about moving across the country or in a block down the street. It takes a lot of planning and organizing for everything to go as smoothly as possible, and after the keys are finally in your hand and boxes are piled up in the living room, it is time to relax a bit and organize a housewarming party. It’s always fun to be invited to such an event, and it is even better that you can help your friend remember the big move by getting them some thoughtful presents for their new place!

Document Organizer

Keeping your documents organized, preferably in a resistant bag, is a must when moving to a new house, so such a box makes the perfect present that the host will definitely end up using. These bags are made of waterproof and fireproof fabrics in multiple layers, so they can survive literally anything, and thanks to the numerous pockets, all documents can be carefully organized. Plus, they come in many sizes, some only fitting passports and small items such as credit cards while others can even protect a laptop, contracts, and other devices.

Fancy Kitchen Appliances

Giving kitchen appliances as housewarming presents is always a safe idea, but even such a boring gift can be spiced up if you’re opting for a really fancy and visually appealing brand. When it comes to creating an aesthetic ambience in a kitchen, Smeg is definitely the latest trend. This brand creates both small and major appliances that all feature the same basic yet opulent design in muted colors and the iconic glossy finish. A toaster, kettle, or juicer from their collection will make the perfect addition to your friend’s new kitchen.

Set of Glasses

A set of glasses is a timeless and universally appreciated housewarming gift, ideal for savoring a robust liqueur or a unique cocktail crafted by your friend. Opting for an Irish glassware set elevates the gift even further. Beyond their functional use, Irish glasses hold symbolic value, with attentively designed traditional symbols such as shamrocks and the Claddagh conveying wishes for good luck, wealth, and the importance of friendship. Get your friend a set of Irish glassware as a sign of well-wishing and they are sure to remember your present for years to come.

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is in a month, and if your friend organizes the housewarming party around that time, some personalized Christmas ornaments can make a meaningful present, especially if they move to their own place and not a rental. Personalize the ornaments with their name, the move-in date, an image of the new place, or the address so even after many years, these ornaments can remind them of their first Christmas there.


There are many reasons why plants are a safe choice housewarming gift. First of all, there are plenty of plants to choose from, so everyone can get their best pick: for those who love taking care of them and don’t mind the high maintenance that they require, orchids, Bonsai trees, and gardenias make wonderful options, while aloe and succulents work the best for the busy people who don’t have time to keep up with them. Not only that, but by getting a plant, you don’t only make them an excellent housewarming present, but also bring a bit of life and nature to the new place. It can be a great addition to any room, instantly making it look more welcoming and relaxing.

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