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Rooftop garden

Rooftop garden design idea

Rooftop garden is a garden on the roof of  building. When you live in the city, you often have to get creative with every square inch of space. Rooftop garden is the ideal alternative way to enjoy all the virtues of gardening and outdoor space . It is ideal for urban environments, where ground garden space is limited. Besides the decorative benefit, roof plantings may provide food, temperature control, hydrological benefits, architectural enhancement, habitats  for wildlife, recreational opportunities, and in large scale it may even have ecological benefits.


Rooftop gardenRooftop garden design can be distinguished from a green roof, although the two terms are often used interchangeably. Rooftop garden make  incorporate recreation, entertaining, and provide additional outdoor living space for the building’s residents. The garden may include planters, plants, dining and lounging furniture, outdoor structures such as pergolas and sheds, and automated irrigation and lighting systems.


Rooftop garden are most often found in urban environments. Plants have the ability to reduce the overall heat absorption of the building. The primary cause of heat build-up in cities is insolation, the absorption of solar radiation by roads and buildings in the city and the storage of this heat in the building material and its subsequent re-radiation.


Rooftop garden design is a high priority and important for urban planners. The environmental and aesthetic benefits to cities is the prime motivation.

Make sure the regulations allow  and if you have a freeholder – make sure they allow you to build it. You don’t want to spend lots of time and money preparing for a rooftop garden in the building and then find out that it is prohibited. Also make sure that the roof is able to hold the weight of a rooftop garden. For the majority of houses, flat roofs aren’t strong enough for rooftop gardens. If so, figure out how much weight it can hold. Consult a structural engineer you have to make sure it is not damaging your house. Remember this when making the garden and use lighter containers, soil, flooring and furniture.

So, rooftop garden planing can make  self-sufficient garden for any family.